Ordering Information

Placing An Order


Sculpture price lists are available upon request.  Simply call or email.  Prices subject to change without notice.


Visiting the gallery allows you to see up close the various sculptures currently available.  Being able to look at and touch the sculptures will give you a much better feel for their qualities and characteristics.  You will be able to visualize much easier how it will fit into your special spot. You will also be able to see if it needs to be bolted down to a concrete pad or is freestanding.  We want you to be happy with your investment knowing that you fully understand what you have chosen.  Gallery visits are by appointment only.  Please call or email for setting up an appointment.


Once you have selected a sculpture you like we can finalize the order.  Payment for sculptures is one of the following four methods: cash, cashier’s check, or personal check. Sales tax will be added to the price of the sculpture.  Actual sales tax is determined by the location where customer takes possession of the sculpture.  If it is shipped out-of-state, you are responsible for paying whatever your local sales tax is.  I do not collect sales tax unless you purchase it in California and take delivery in California.

If you place an order for a sculpture that will be built for you, a deposit is required to begin the order.  Upon completion of your order, I, will invite you to visit my studio to give your final approval.  Upon receiving your final approval, the sculpture will be sent out for powder coating, rusting, plating, or polishing. These steps can be modified to fit your schedule.

Final payment will be made only after the sculpture is finished and you are completely satisfied. If any changes are to be made after the sculpture has been completed the customer will be charged for the additional work (both time and materials) to be done.  Any changes to sculptures are at the discretion of the artist.


The customer has several choices regarding this stage.

  1. Customer can pick up the sculpture.  We can assist in loading into your vehicle.
  2. Customer can arrange to have the sculpture picked up by someone else.
  3. We can deliver the sculpture locally if we can safely handle it.  You will need to have help waiting at the destination.
    • The delivery charge will depend upon the size of the sculpture and the distance to the site.
    • Crating, if necessary would be an additional charge.
  4. We can arrange to have the sculpture picked up by a freight company.  They will wrap and crate the sculpture and arrange with the customer the date and time of delivery.  Customer will pay for the crating and shipping.

*NOTE: Delivery does not include installation. Customer should arrange for this phase.


There is no warranty, implied or specified.  Materials and construction techniques are the best I can provide.  These sculptures, if properly handled, installed properly, and cared for will last a long time.  The powder coated finish is designed for industrial use and should last for years.  Regular cleaning and waxing (2 times per year) will increase the life of the coating.  Avoiding scratches, nicks, bird droppings, salty air, and prolonged moisture will extend the life of the powder coating finish.  Fading due to exposure to sunshine and other environmental conditions can be reduced with proper cleaning and waxing.  I have found that all paint finishes that I have used so far will fade over time when left outside.  The one coating that has yet to fade is the translucent candy colors painted over aluminum.  They seem to hold up the best so far.  Opaque colors have all faded over time.  Sculptures kept inside fade much slower than those placed outside.